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Price List of Management  2020

Guardiance :
1. Check the boat is  secured
2. Air  the Boat as required
3. Maintain the Batteries
4. Start engine as required 

List of Services available 

Price : 120,00 euros per Month
Simple cleaning of the Boat :
3.Main Saloon
Deep cleaning inside :
1.Galley Equipment
3.WC pumps 
4.Cleaning under the floor
5.Cleaning and winter  storage all bedding
6.Cleaning of Saloon seating  and courtains
Price : 30-40 feet 80,00 euros
             41-44 feet 100,00 euros
             45-50 feet 120,00
             51-60 feet 150,00
The price is 4,00 euros per foot
Deep cleaning of Deck :
2.Ropes and Halyards
The price is 7,00 euros per foot
Additional tasks Prices :
1.Check the Seacocks                                              50,00 euros                    2.Check the Gas System                                         40,00 euros                    3.Cleaning the Engine Room                                 80,00 euros                    4.Check the Electrical  Seervices                          80,00 euros                    5.Cleaning Bimini Top & Spray Hood                 120,00 euros
6.Cleaning Sails                                                  The price is request
7.Cleaning & Polish Dinghy                                     80,00 euros
8.Cleaning-Service-Polish winches                      25,00 euros/each
9.Polish Deck and Chrome Work                      7,00 euros per foot
10.Inspection of safety Equipment                    40,00 euros                
Dry work on the Boat :
2.2 coats antifouling
4.Hull sides cleaning & polish 
As Marina's Official Price List 
Marina's Official Price List 2020
Gouvia price list.png
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