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Useful information for a nice & safe sailing :

Dear Charterer,

We feel the need to thank you for your trust and

we will do the best, so that your sailing journey can be without problems and other issues.

To make this real we need your help too, especially in the following matters :

1. Arrival at Base :

We wish to offer you the best possible service, so it would be better if send

to us on time all the necessary information ( arrival time, the number of mobile phone to contact with your clients, crew list ).

2. Yacht's Preparation :

Several times we needed time to check and repair any damages from previous clients. So with your cooperation and patienceyou can our job easier and better

Rhodes Island - Mandraki Marina

3. Check in :

During the procedure from the Base manager, check carefully the list of equipment . After that you can make questions and if it is necessary ask to replace of any equipment of the boat. The check in  is the basic condition for safe sailing and simpler without problems check out. When the check in is finished you have to sign the inventory list and give it to the Base manager.


4. Helpful Information :

a. Before you start be assure that you have on board the boat's documents,

but be carefull with them because it takes to much time to create them again.

b. Ask from the Base Manager the all necessary information and comany's phone, that can help you during the sailing trip.

c. In case of damage oe accident please inform the our company, in order to find solution to help you out.

d. Before start make a sort convertation with our Base about your sailing plan. We can give you many information and alternative ideas.

e. During in your journey please inform us for the day and the time to return, so that we prepare the suggest service on time.

Paros Island - Parikia Port

Kos Island - Kos Marina

5. Check out :

During the check out inform us for any  damage, with your remarks we will prepare the boat better for the next charter. Don't forget that before and after youthere will be another crew, who hopes to have a nice and safe sailing journey as you. In case of damage you make an agreement with the Base Manager for the cost, so that there will be not disagreement. In case there is disagreement it is better to contact with the charter company in main office, as you know the company is rensposible and only with them you are dealing. The end of  check out don't forget to take back your deposit and to sign the charter documents, which are very important.

Athens - Alimos Marina

6. Departure from the Yacht :

Before your departure check very carefully for all your personal items, it is difficult for us to notice with all these crews that we have every week. But inform us and we will try to send it back to you.

We hope that with the above suggestions we helped as much  we could, so that you can enjoy your sailing journey to Greek Islands.

Lefkas Island - Marina Lefkas

Corfu Island - Marina Gouvia

The only think that's left to wish......... Have a nice and safe sailing with us!!!!

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